• July 12, 2020

4 Ways to Design Attractive and Effective Stickers for Marketing

As you run a business, of course you are aware that marketing is very crucial in ensuring the growth and success of it. Marketing along with advertising maintains the relevance of your business. It is especially important during the early stages of your business. In order to let people know about your brand and what you can offer them, you absolutely need to market and advertise to gain exposure and trust of your customers.

A lot of times, unfortunately, campaigns can cost quite a lot. If you don’t have enough budget for it, don’t worry. There is one cheap alternative that you can try, which is marketing using the help of a sticker. A sticker can be really useful as long as they are designed well. So, the key to a successful campaign using a sticker as a cheap alternative is the design.

Let’s learn about a number of sticker printing tips.

1. Layout and Design

First, you need to plan out the design aesthetic that you want to aim for and try to come up with the best layout for it. Since Singapore sticker printing has very limited space, you have to know how to utilize them to the fullest without making it look stuffy or crowded. As you design, make sure that you still give enough space between elements to make sure that everything looks pleasant to the eyes.

If coming up with a good layout is too difficult by doing it manually from scratch, then you can definitely try using online templates that are customizable. If you don’t generally have the time for it, you can try to hire a professional graphic designing. This option however will add up to the cost because you will need to pay them. So keep that in mind for consideration as well.

2. Right Colors

Actually, choosing the right color is almost impossible. All colors can be good if they are paired with ones that can complement the look. Try to find out color palettes to work with so that you can easily get colors that are matching and bring the best of your design while sticking with the theme or aesthetic that you want.

3. Proofread

If you think you are satisfied with your design and plans to hand it into a printing service or printing shop right away, take a moment to give it one last good look. Don’t forget about the process of proofreading. Make sure that your sticker design is free of errors and mistakes, for example in spelling, in grammar, in what’s conveyed itself as well. A sticker must be able to deliver the simple messages effectively, and it can only be done by first making sure that there is no error in the design of it.

4. Print Properly

Stickers may seem like something that is easy to print on your own. But wait, this could be a bad idea. With an office or home printer, you most likely won’t be able to get the best results. Always find a printing service that can process your stickers with the right equipment, supporting high quality results.

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