• April 12, 2021

You Need to Know These 3 Things About Foam Board Posters!

We can see that there are lots of foam board applications today. But what is a foam board? Well, foam board is a board material made of polystyrene. Typically, you will find that the foam board is sandwiched with two pieces of papers.  

One of the applications of foam board today is foam board posters. Have you come across that before? Foam board posters are made not only for individual purposes but also for organizational and business use. But why do they apply foam boards to their posters? Is there anything special so they choose to use the foam board? To get the answers and more information on foam board posters, read on this article until the end!  

1. Why Do People Use Foam Boards for Their Posters? 

There are many things that make people decide to use foam boards for their posters, but here are a few of them. 

  • Foam boards are made of polystyrene and contain 95 – 98% water. Because of that, there is no doubt that this material is incredibly lightweight! That’s the reason why people use it for their posters because it’s easy to transport or move. 
  • You know that people love something affordable, and that is what exactly foam boards have to offer! Foam board is one of the cost-effective materials for printing and display.  
  • People decide to use foam board for their posters because it is easy to cut and print!  

2. Printing and Mounting 

Actually, if you decide to make a foam board poster, you need to know that the poster can be made in two ways. Let’s go into more detail below. 

  • The first one is foam board printing. As its name, your poster will be printed directly on the foam board. So, in this method, you don’t have to print the poster in advance and adhere it on the foam board.  
  • Then the second one, the mounting method. This is the reverse type of method where you have to print the poster beforehand. Of course, there will be an adhering process because the poster is printed separately.  

3. Few Tips for Making Foam Board Posters 

Interested in making foam board posters? Here are a few tips you can apply during the making process! 

  • Don’t overlook the quality of the printing since the result of your foam board poster is directly determined by that. So, to get a good poster, you need to find a foam board printing service that is specialized and experienced for that.  
  • You can mount the poster on the board independently, but if you have no experience, don’t be disappointed if the results don’t live up to your expectations. The larger the poster, the more difficult it will be to properly mount it on the foam board. So, you better go to a foam board printing service to print and mount your poster. 

So, those are a few things regarding foam board posters. Hopefully, you will find that information is useful for you! 

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