• June 13, 2024

4 Things That Can Happen If There Is No Wedding Invitation Card!

First things first, you probably know that lots of things must be prepared for a wedding. That is why it can take a year to prepare a dream wedding. From the venue, dress, caterer, transportation, cakes, to small items such as souvenir and wedding invitation card, must be prepared as well as possible. But have you ever thought about why all these things are used at a wedding? Like why are wedding invitation cards needed and what if I choose not to make it? To find out why it is necessary and important at a wedding, here are some of the things that can happen if there is no invitation card for it!

1. Confusion 

What do you think if someone just told you to come to their wedding ceremony without giving you an invitation card? You may be happy at that time because someone wants to share their happiness with you! But then you might start thinking and doubting about it when something kind of “Am I officially invited to the wedding?” comes to your mind. That’s the reason why it is necessary to give the guest an official wedding invitation card instead of telling them to come to the wedding. Moreover, you may become confused or forget about the wedding place, date, and time, if someone just tell it without giving you an invitation card. 

2. You Cannot Estimate the Number of Guests 

People may think that you are not serious about inviting them if you don’t give them a wedding invitation card. That is the reason why it is difficult to estimate the number of guests. As a result, it will be tough for you to determine the number of catering portions, find the best location that fits with the number of guests, buy souvenirs, and many more things.

3. The Difficulty to Set a Budget 

Do you know what is the most important benefit of making an invitation card? You can estimate the number of guests as well as the budget! If it is related to money, it may become crucial, right? That is why if you have no idea about the number of guests, you might make the wrong decision in determining your budget.

4. You Don’t Know Who Will Come  

Even when you give everyone on your guest list invitation cards, some of them may not be able to come to the wedding. How if there is no invitation card for that? As previously mentioned, that people may think about your seriousness in inviting them. Because of that, they probably won’t come to a wedding. But the worst case, since there are no official wedding invitation cards, other people who are not including on the guest list may come to the wedding. 

Wedding preparation is quite overwhelmed, but it can be even worst when there is no invitation card for it. That’s why it becomes one of the small items that absolutely needed at a wedding. So, don’t forget to create an invitation card for a wedding, because you have already read the consequences if there is no invitation card for it. Good luck!

Brice Laurent

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