• July 20, 2024

Consider These Before Printing Your Name Card

Choosing to use bold colors and vibrant colors surely help you in making a name card that stands out among the others. However, you might not know that there are several other things that you have to understand before you decide to print your name card. These things should be kept in mind for a successful name card printing.

  1. Bleed area

Bleed area is an area on your card design where it is left blank. The bleed area surrounds the edges of the name card design. The purpose of a bleed area is to help the trimming process easier. If you have a bleed area, you can ensure that your name card will be trimmed uniformly. If you don’t, it will be more of a challenge to trim everything in the same measurement. Now, each printing service requires different bleed area measurement so you have to always ask them before you design your name card. To make sure that there is no change in your design, you should hand in the file of your design in pdf format.

  1. Colors

Many people are aware that it is good to print in full color. But a lot of them don’t realize that there is a difference between the color combinations used to display color on your monitor and the color combination that is used by your printer. The monitor usually displays RGB colors, while printers print in CMYK colors. Due to this difference, the output may come out differently. Thus, you have to switch and design in CMYK colors as well for better output in name card printing.

  1. Resolution

Some people forget to take a look at the resolution of the images or elements that are inserted into the name card design. A good name card should have high resolution images of a minimum 300 dpi to avoid a pixelated or stretched result. A high quality display affects the way you are perceived. You will look more proper and professional if your name card can display above average quality images and other elements.

  1. Fonts

The choice of fonts is usually overlooked by a lot of people. People don’t usually give another thought about the type of font they choose for the name card. They don’t really put the time to try to browse for more font and choose what suits the design better. Surely, you should avoid this mistake. Spend some time to find out what works best. But most importantly you have to avoid choosing fonts that may cause misunderstanding by people. A font must be legible, meaning that it is easy to read.

At the end of the choices you’ve made in your name card design, you have to make sure that in the next step, which is the name card printing process, you are getting it done by professional printing service. A professional printing service with proper equipment and experience truly makes a difference in the final quality of your name card. They will be more than glad to help you throughout the process of earning a name card that holds great quality.

Brice Laurent

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