• July 13, 2024

Foreigners will no Longer be Granted Emergency Stay Permits as Indonesia Opens up the Border

Regarding foreigners who have been given emergency stay permits (ITKT) by the Indonesian government because to travel restrictions caused by the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the Immigration Directorate General has modified a number of requirements.

The latest regulations, which were made public by the directorate general on its official Twitter account @ditjen imigrasi, have an impact on individuals who have been issued emergency stay permits while in possession of valid temporary stay permits (KITAS), permanent stay permits (KITAP), visas on arrival, and free visas in accordance with “new normal” protocols.

The new laws now allow KITAS holders who have received an emergency stay permission to extend their KITAS or apply for KITAP. However, as of July 13, those who have an emergency stay permission and have used up their KITAS extension must depart Indonesia. Similar to this, those with emergency stay permits who have KITAPs can now extend their permits, while those with emergency stay permits who are no longer able to prolong their KITAPs must depart the country within 30 days starting on July 13.

Holders of a visa on arrival who have been given an emergency stay permission are also eligible to extend their visas for a further 30 days. Those with free visas who have received an emergency stay permit must depart the country within 30 days starting on July 13. The directorate general warned that administrative fines would be applied if the rules weren’t followed. Prior to this, the directorate general extended the automatic stay permits for foreigners arriving in Indonesia after February 5. Foreigners whose stay permits had recently expired would immediately receive an emergency stay permit with no overstay fines during the emergency measures.

Rufus Camacho

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