• July 20, 2024

How to Make a More Attractive Flyer Design

New businesses always look for the cheapest yet most effective way to advertise and market their business. What better low-cost alternative there is than marketing with well-designed flyer printing in Singapore? It is absolutely suitable for businesses with limited funds for marketing and advertising. Flyers are easy to make, and they are undoubtedly affordable.

However, you have to pay extra attention to the design. Since it is small, each flyer needs to pack a good punch. Make it count and reach your target audience with an appealing design.

Many people attempt to extravagant flyer designs to attract customers. However, it is not always the way to go. Read more below to know what to do and what not to do when it comes to flyer design and printing.

1. Maintain Simplicity

Keep it simple, but make sure that it is boring. You have to be creative with the design, but definitely don’t go overboard with it. People tend to make mistake by using overly stylized fonts, too many inserted pictures, colors that don’t work well with each other, inputting too many words, and overcrowding the design of their flyers in general. This is to be avoided. All the elements of a flyer must work together to create a pleasant design. At the same time, pay attention to how they are placed on the flyer. Make sure that there are still empty spaces around the design, make it focused to the center, use colors that match each other, and most importantly deliver your promotional messages in a concise and compact way.

2. Pay Attention to the Natural Eye Flow

Coming up with a simple way of delivering the points of your marketing campaign is not important. You have to be able to arrange them in the nicest way possible, meaning that you have to at least know the flow of the eyes as people read. Most people normally read from the top to bottom and from the light to left. Make sure that you don’t confuse your readers or target audiences by not following this rule and place your texts in a strange arrangement. Always make it easy for people to ride and don’t confuse them, otherwise, the message delivery won’t be effective and your marketing efforts won’t be successful.

3. Interesting Headlines

Headlines don’t only apply to news, but also on flyers. Think of it as a mini-newspaper. It needs to deliver a certain topic and educate people on it. But first, it needs to convince people that they want and need to know about the information. Thus, an eye-catching headline plays a big role in the success of a flyer. Try to print it in bold and capitalized. This way, it will be more noticeable. However, the content of the sentence itself is important. A decent copywriting should do it.

4. Insert Graphics

Try to look more interesting by using one or two images to explain the points that you deliver in your flyer. Make sure that the images don’t overwhelm the overall design and information. The points of the flyer still need to be the main star, so it needs to stand out the most compared to the image. Keep it to a minimum, although in high quality.

Vinny Jo

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