• July 21, 2024

Market Successfully Using Printed Postcards With These 4 Tips

A lot of people are migrating toward digital marketing these days. Of course, that is to be expected with the advancing technology. However, that doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is dead.  

For instance, postcard printing is still a popular request for printing services. This means that it still works and its benefits are still proven to this day. 

Postcard printing is a great alternative for businesses that intend to save up money and go for a low cost marketing that works effectively. With postcard printing, businesses can gain a great return of investment. 

However, you have to pay attention to these aspects to make sure that your marketing efforts work: 

1. Use Better Card Stock 

Card stock for postcard printing varies in weight. Some are light, and some are heavier. Heavier card stock for postcard printing means the paper or card stock is thicker. Thicker card stocks appear better and give a greater impression as well. However, it does cost you more than the average quality paper. Don’t worry, this is not for nothing. Heavier paper stock works better on your target audience and makes your postcard more worth to keep especially if the design is beautiful with personalized content. 

2. Promote One Thing at a Time 

Sometimes, marketing your products can get exciting. If you offer a lot of things at once on your postcard, however, this will only confuse your target audience. Avoid doing this and market one thing at a time instead of cramming everything into the design of your postcard. Remember that its space is limited, so you don’t get much space for everything anyway. Also, stuffy design is definitely a big no. So, prioritize one thing to promote and use a different postcard for other promotions if truly necessary. 

3. Remember Call to Action 

Call to action sentences are often forgotten especially by beginners in marketing. Even though it seems insignificant, call to action sentences can be really powerful in making your target audience take action on your promotion and not just read your postcard and dismiss it in a second. So, make sure that you come up with a call to action that is engaging, convincing, close to your readers, and hard to resist. 

4. Add a Twist 

It is important to make your target customers hold on to your postcard that gets delivered to their houses. If you have done everything mentioned above, that’s good. Your postcard has a greater chance of getting recognized. However, they are not enough. Try to make your postcard become something more valuable and unique by making it into a coupon. You can design this in the back part of the postcard. When people see this, they will want to hold on to your postcard so that they can redeem their discount or some prize they can get when they make a purchase in your store and bring the postcard with them. It makes your postcard look more interesting, and it actually brings people to your store as well. 

Brice Laurent

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