• June 20, 2024

The Importance of a Company Seal in a Company and How to Acquire it

A company or common seal is most important for the purpose of authorizing documents. It is a tool that can give a sense of authenticity to the documents that are to be released or issued by a company. A document that is marked by a company seal can maintain credibility. However, at the same time, as you leave the impression of your company mark on a document, it also means that you’re taking full responsibility for everything that is stated in the document. That’s why before the mark is embossed against the paper, you have to make sure that everything mentioned in the document is right and true, and that you are capable of being responsible for it.

A company seal is the official seal of a company that holds great importance and several benefits. It is the company’s official signature that represents the entire company or organization. Meaning that any decision taken that is authorized or authenticated by the common seal represents the decision of the whole company.

In the past, the common seal is far more important because it is mandatory for the purpose of document authorization and authentication. However, over the past years, that rule or law is annihilated. So, now a document only requires the signature of the company’s director to get approved for release. The significance of a common seal may have watered down in the past few years, however, a lot of companies still regard it as important and continue to use it for the sake of propriety and professionalism.

Not only for the authorization of a document, but a common seal is also beneficial for business transactions and other things alike, such as approving contracts and for the purpose of legal representation.

Since the use of a common seal is very important, each time it is put to use, it must be documented in the Articles of Association. The use of a common seal must be under the surveillance of the company’s CEO or president and their signature must be present on the document.

To get a common seal, you have to first complete the company registration and obtain the registration number of the company. This registration number should be included in the design of the common seal for it to be regarded and approved as a valid common seal. Other than the registration number, the design of the common seal should also display the company’s symbol or logo.

Once the design is set, then it should be delivered or sent to a manufacturer of the common seal. The common seal will be produced within a couple of working days, depending on the place. The price and quality may also vary, so you should always try to consider your options to get the best quality common seal. Of course, it should also align with the budget that you have. You don’t have to push yourself to get an expensive common seal. However, at least try to get a decent quality one that predictably can last for quite a long time.

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