• July 21, 2024

These 4 Tips Will Help You When Buying a Company Stamp!

What do you need to authorize business documents? Approval from the company, signature of the authorized individual, and the company stamp! It is essential for every business to have its own company stamp for issuing official documents. By affixing it, the name of the company, registration number or unique entity number (UEN), the company’s logo, and address can appear in the legible form on the documents. 

A company custom stamp is not difficult to make since you won’t produce it by yourself, unless you have all of the skills and equipment for that. Usually, people will look for a rubber stamp maker to manufacture their company stamp. But to help you obtain a good company stamp, here are some following tips that you can follow for that! 

1. Ask for Recommendations 

Avoid randomly pick a rubber stamp maker for manufacturing your stamp. The place you choose to produce the stamp will determine the result of it. You may want the stamp to be functional, efficient, and long-lasting. So, choosing the right stamp maker is super crucial to make sure that you get a good quality stamp. Well, you can ask your friends or co-worker that have made the company stamp before. If they recommend you a good quality stamp maker, then you might consider ordering from that maker. But if they get a stamp that doesn’t live up to their expectations, you shouldn’t go to the same place! 

2. Read Online Reviews 

The internet basically makes things easy. You can find the stamp makers just in a minute by using it. But don’t be rush into ordering it once you think you have found the perfect rubber stamp maker. Please take a moment to ponder and read some online reviews about the maker first. Why online reviews? Because it helps you to know how others respond to the service and product that they got. In this modern era, most people do the same before buying something or going somewhere. 

3. Identify the Type of Rubber Stamp for Your Company Stamp! 

Rubber stamp is not only available in one type. Nowadays, the most popular choice of rubber stamps for use as company stamps are pre-inked stamps and self-inking stamps. A pre-inked stamp uses water-based inks and perfect for those who want to make a sharp impression. But a self-inking stamp is a water-based inks stamp that suitable for stamping in large quantities. 

Note: You can find more information on the internet to find the best type of rubber stamps that perfect for you.   

4. Find Out the Average Price 

If you decide to find near your place or office, please find out the averages price in advance. Why? By having information about the average price, it will help you find the right maker, and you won’t need to overspend than you should. To know the average price, the internet can be a way to find it. Make sure if you are only looking up for the average price in your region or country. 

Rufus Camacho

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