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Three Types of Stamps For Various Uses

After its discovery decades ago, stamps have been largely used on various occasions in the humans’ lives. Mainly, a stamp is used in the office as one of the most important and helpful stationery that becomes one that is highly preferable to be present in one’s desk. A stamp can be very useful and help people to be more productive in their works.

In the passing years, many advances had happened. These advances created many innovations. Even stamps have experienced improvement and innovation. Now there are more types of stamps than just the most common and traditional self inking stamp.

The uses are still mostly the same. However, other types of stamps may be more suitable for certain types of use and working conditions as they vary in quality and durability.

Read below to find out so that you can consider which type of stamp that is best suited for your personal needs or for your company.

1. Self-inking stamp

A self-inking stamp is the type of stamp that is improvised with pre-loaded ink. A self-inking stamp allows the user to not use a separate ink pad anymore. The stamp already has the ink to be imprinted on documents. Different from a common rubber stamp, a self-inking stamp is usually made of plastic. It could be more lightweight as a rubber stamp usually has a handle made from wood. A self-inking stamp isn’t much expensive while it is a lot more convenient. Although in terms of durability, it may be lower than a rubber stamp that has a wooden handle. However, this can depend on the type of plastic that is made for the self-inking stamp handle.

2. Pre-inked stamp

A pre-inked stamp isn’t much different from a self-inking stamp. It also already loaded with ink and doesn’t require a separate ink pad. This type of stamp is considerable more durable compared to the other types of stamps. It can also stamp sharper images on a large variety of items. Using a pre-inked stamp, you can appear more proper and professional as you stamp your company name or logo on official documents that your company release for your clients, prospects, or other important parties to your business.

3. Rubber stamp

This type of stamp is the most common type of stamp that is largely used by many people. Not only companies but also individuals for various reasons. This type of stamp is usually made of rubber that will be inked and it is attached to a wooden handle. A rubber stamp needs a separate ink pad. Thus, it isn’t as convenient. However, it is most definitely cheaper than the other options. A rubber stamp could be more durable than the types of stamps that are made from plastic. But it all depends on the manufacturer and the nature of the material itself. This type of stamp is now getting more and more rarely used because it is not as convenient as the others. But it still is a good option.

Rufus Camacho

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