• July 21, 2024

Tips to Choose the Perfect Type of Easel Stand For Your Painting

When you hit the search for easel stand, you surely notice how there are a lot of different types of easel stand that you can buy. Then, the question is, are they all the same? Well, the answer is no. Different types of easel stands are not only for aesthetics, but each also has different uses. 

If you are working with oil based paints that are more viscous, then surely you can easily and more comfortably work on it in an upright position. But if you use water based paints, you surely need it to be more angled to prevent the paint from running down the surface of the canvas.  

The various types of easel stands are made to cater to artists’ different needs and preferences during working. It is indeed not a must to get an easel stand, but it can surely help you feel more comfortable during your painting process and even help you get more motivated to complete your work. 


Before you buy an easel stand, you have to first understand the description for each type that is available for purchase. What to look out for in an easel stand is its capacity; meaning that what is the largest dimension of canvas that it can hold? Then, learn about the material as well. Is it sturdy? Is it not? Is it lightweight? Can it be folded? Match these with the availability of space in your studio or workplace so that you can be sure to get an easel stand that totally works with you instead of causing you more problems. To get more information you may contact Kiasuprint.com for advice. 

1. Lyre Easel Stand 

This easel stand that is supported by three legs resembling a tripod is very popular and it is used by the beginners even to professional artists. If you are working with small to medium sized canvas, this is the right one for you, moreover if you enjoy working both indoors and outdoors and prefer to alternate between the two instead of only choosing one. Its lightweight material makes it possible to easily transport anywhere, to be folded, as well as stored when not needed. 

2. H Frame Easel 

Is the lyre easel stand too wobbly for you? Check out the H frame easel and see if it is sturdy enough for your liking. Usually, the H frame easel is better suited for artists who don’t enjoy any restriction in movement during their work and require a strong and sturdy easel stand. This type of easel stand is more often used by artists who work with large sized canvases that can’t be handled by the lyre easel stand. 

3. Single Mast Easel 

If the two mentioned types of easel stands don’t sit quite right for you, then try looking into single mast easel. Perhaps you are looking for an easel that is simpler and cheaper yet can still be reliable enough for comfortable working? The single mast easel can fulfill those requirements and ensure that it is nearly completely hassle free due to its lightweight material.

Brice Laurent

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