• June 22, 2024

Why Bet On Influencer Marketing In Singapore?

The way of doing advertising has changed, although traditional methods continue at the same time; it is undeniable the power of social networks to define new forms of advertising, even with new actors.

Among the most important tools, we can mention websites as the main core of the strategy, corporate blogs, SEO search engine positioning, among others. As the main media, social networks are undoubtedly the cradle of the new important actors for the promotion of brands and products: The influencers.

Mandreel and the influencers to boost your advertising

An influencer is a character who has managed to build a community of followers through social networks; thanks to the content generated on various topics that are of interest to those who follow him.

There are different types of influencers, some with a greater weight than others with a smaller number of followers and who can be recognized as “celebrities”. These have an infinitely greater scope than those known as micro-influencers and of course, their rate when hired for promotional purposes is usually much higher.

An influencer can provide your brand with several benefits that are not wasted:

  • First of all, a pre-established segmentation since this figure is usually followed by people who share your philosophy and quite similar tastes
  • Influencing by you can benefit from “word of mouth”. Once you make reference to your products, the information will be replicated and you will start to be immediately curious to know; and obtain that product that your favorite influencer has recommended.
  • Hiring an influencer can be much more accessible as they can even make compensation arrangements; and in the event that the agreement is sealed for a specific fee, it will certainly be less expensive than other forms of marketing might be.

In addition, influencing guarantees immediate access to a large number of potential customers. Of course, this will depend on your objectives and the type of influence you decide on.

Marketing agencies in Singapore

Advertising activity under the figure of the influencer has become so popular in Singapore that it has even been recognized by the government; which has used the figure of some influencers to carry out successful environmental awareness campaigns, among others.

In Singapore, there are many agencies dedicated to influencer marketing. Among these www.Mandreel.kr stands out for its experience and the clear and organized way of presenting the different options.

Listening to your proposal, Mandreel professionals will help you select the influencers that fit your requirements, both in terms of the objective scope and the type of market you are interested in reaching. Together you will define what type of content strategy to implement: whether the influencer should follow the guidelines for your brand, or whether you want to benefit from their creativity and contributions.

Mandreel will gladly take care of all your requirements. It will establish the contacts to put you in front of the selected influencer; it will also support you in the creative process and will ensure a fair budget.

The Mandreel.com influencer experts are available to answer any questions you may have. They have all the experience and therefore you will never feel lost. The work we have done in this particular area includes

The experiences with AnotherSole, Zalora, Adlina Anís, Grupo Bermellón, among others

For more information, visit www.mandreel.com

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